Friday, March 7, 2008

Old Edirol R09 Audio Review

Old Post from 2006:
(Coming soon Audio posts on Zoom H2, Marantz PMD620, Edirol R-44)

Here are some audio samples from the new Edirol R-09 recorder. Audio was recorded off of one of my M-Audio DX-4 monitor speakers by a AT822 stereo mic fed into the R-09's 1/8 mic jack. As well as a speaker test, I also used the R09 at an outdoor wedding ceremony, micing a woodwind ensemble.

There are 2 ways I tested:
1. R-09's built in stereo mic input
2. AT822 straight into R-09's 1/8 mic input
3. AT822 mic fed into PSC Promix 3 mixer, fed into R-09's 1/8 line input
4. Outside woodwind test, using AT822 mic fed into R-09's 1/8 line input

This was a straight test with no post sound correction.
There is some computer fan noise heard in the built in mic and AT822 tests.
Due to the fact that a mixer supplies you with built in low cut filters and limiters, little fan noise from my ProMix 3 test is heard.

*My latest test uses just the R-09 and AT822 mic, in an outside wedding ceremony, recording 2 woodwind musicians. The 822 was setup off to the side of one musician and faced inwards to all 3.

All audio has been reduced from original 44 Hz 16 Bit Wav to 320 Kpbs 44,100 Hz, Stereo, mp3 file for the web.

Click the appropriate link below to play mp3 audio

R09 Built in Mic

At822 to R-09

AT822 to Promix

AT822 Woodwind

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