Friday, March 7, 2008

Mobile Audio Rig

Here is an example of one of my bare bones, stripped down, mobile recording setups for quick setup and portability. You will notice that there are no cables in this setup. So it's entirely mobile and efficient for quick fast moving recording situations.

Recorder: Samson Zoom H4 (also use Edirol R09, Marantz PMD620, and Zoom H2)
Microphone: AT822 stereo mic plugged into the recorder and Samson wireless handheld with built in Micro32 transmitter.
Mic Stand and Bracket: (stand) Atlas TEB-E (bracket for recorder) Windtech add on clamp (MSA1)
Mic Stand Adaptor: (for Recorder) Edirol OP-R09M Mic Stand Adpator for R09

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