Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comer 1800 LED Light vs. Sony HVL-LBP LED Light

I have been a long time user of the Sony HVL-LBP led light. I have been very satisfied with it but had a few minor complaints about it. The biggest thing being that it only takes Sony batteries.

Well recently I ran across and purchased what I thought was a knockoff of the Sony HVL light for a cheaper price, the Comer 1800.

Well after comparing the two lights, I have come to the conclusion that I think that Comer manufactures the HVL lights for Sony and decided to release their own version of the light under their name.

As an owner and long time user of the Sony HVL-LBP lights, let me just say that the light output form the Comer 1800 puts the Sony HVL light to shame.
It's no contest.

These lights are identical to Sony in almost every and at $399, it's $200 less than the current Sony HVL lights.

But there are many other reasons that this is a much better deal for this light than just a cheaper price.

First off the Comer 1800 takes Sony and after market Sony batteries. This is huge, as there are great batteries, like that from LENMAR, that are much more powerful and cheaper in price than the Sony's.

The Sony HVL light comes in at 1200 lux, while the Comer light comes in at 1800 lux. So when comparing the two side by side, there was no compassion. The Comer kicked the Sony HVL's butt in intensity.
Sony HVL lights LED's are set to 5500k (daylight), while the Comer 1800 is set to 4500K. I really like the 4500K source as it transfers very well to being used indoors without the need of a 3200k gel. At 400k the Comer 1800 produces a very pleasing image indoors or outdoors.

But wait there's more to this.

The Comer comes with the same diffusion and spot focus filters that the Sony HVL light has. Except, that the Comer 1800 is already gelled for 3200k on the diffusion filter. This makes getting Tungesten lighting a snap if needed with just flipping down the diffusion filter. Now while some would say that this cuts down on light you are right. But because the light is so much more powerful it still produces much more light than the Sony HVL.

If you flip down both the 3200k diffusion filter and the spot focus filter, you get a very strong 3200k flood light. It's so strong that the intensity is identical to the light without any filers applied. Plus you also get a real nice strong spread too boot.

Overall , the build quality is identical to the Sony light except for a few things such as power switch and such. But it's very solid and I can't wait to give it a whirl at next weekends wedding shoot.

It seems like I will be selling off my Sony HVL lights for some more Comers. As a matter of fact I just ordered 2 more from LA.Color Shop before this post. BTW, the L.A. Color Shop owner Taky is a real stand up guy. He's helped me out with a few problems that I had with my old Sony HVL light. How's that for customer service.